Song Requests

* Choose a music channel you like, such as “Dance-Pop Music” and click on it to open the music player with a list of songs.

“As in the picture below”

Dance-Pop-Music-player Remember Forgotten Hits

* At the end of each song / artist there is a button called “REQUEST” Find your favorite song / artist in the list and click on the button “REQUEST” If the order is successful, you will see an information message on a green background.

“As in the picture below”

Remember Forgotten Hits REQ OK

* If the song / artist has been heard in the last 15 minutes, it is not possible to order it or someone has already ordered it. If the order fails, you will see a message on a red background.

“As in the picture below”

Remember Forgotten Hits REQ-NO

* In the section below the list you will see such an image

Remember Forgotten Hits

there you can switch between the pages of the playlist pages.

* If there are currently no requests in the music station’s playlist, the desired song will playing after about 5 minutes. There are currently no limits on how many songs you can request!