NEW music style channel ITALO DISCO now listening

From now on, a music channel called ITALO DISCO. It is not an Italian music channel, as certainly many of the names will conclude, but the channel will hear electronic music from the 1970-1980 s In principle, it can be said that it is the predecessor of disco music and the style of putting it all on the ground. The fun of listening and the WOOOWWWW effect and the joy of recognizing should be found for all music friends.

Added over 3,000 new music hits

Over the past few weeks, a total of over 3,000 new hits have been added to various music stations. With this, every listener also grew to find their favorites. All playlist will continue to improve. Of course, all listeners will continue to have the opportunity to upload their favorite music to the music station. To do this, open the last block on the front page called “Upload your favorite songs” and follow the instructions or read “Send your favorite songs to a playlist” on the blog.

Listened to 6 years of Armin Van Buuren ASOT episodes

At the moment it is possible to listen to all the episodes of the first 6 years of Armin Van Buuren – A State Of Trance (ASOT), ie the episode from 2001 to the 2006 episodes.

There are a total of 451 episodes that can be listened to one story in a row 23.6 days before they start repeating.

All other years up to 2020 will be added along the way. Episodes will be added in about 14 years, and these years will contain about 670 episodes.

Send your favorite songs to a playlist

There is now a long-awaited opportunity. Namely, all listeners can now actively participate in the music station’s selection of music.

Each listener can and can contribute to the music station’s selection of music. To do this, select the “Send your favorite songs / artists to the playlist” option at the bottom of the front page to open the click.

Now the block will open and the red Upload securely button will appear. Now click on this red button and then a new POPUP window will open

Allpoop has a gray background with the “UPLOAD” button, click on it and then in the window that opens, find the favorite music you want to send and upload from your device.